Month: June 2018

From Drab To Fab

Make Over Monday- From Drab To Fab When this client called me for the first time, she said she was sick of all the brown in her living room and wanted my help picking out a couch. I told her I’d be happy to help, but before we get to couch picking, something needs to… Read more »

Antique Secretary

Make Over Monday- Antique Secretary Antique secretaries are pieces I typically don’t make over. They have so many nooks and crannies, that they can be difficult to restore. However, this cutie spoke to me, and when an antique speaks, I listen! Plus, his small size and nice bone structure was hard to resist. You could… Read more »

Hand Painted Dresser

Make Over Monday- Hand Painted Dresser I have been looking for a flat-front dresser to paint for quite some time. When I ran into this one at a small consignment shop near by, I knew it would be perfect for my vision! I paid for it, knowing I would have to bring my husband, and… Read more »

Must Have Houseplants

Trendy Tuesday- Must Have Houseplants I’ve heard it a hundred times, “Lancine, no! I kill every plant that comes within 10 feet of me! I can only have fake plants. Trust me, I’ve tried!” Well, I don’t trust you. You just haven’t met the right plant yet! The last layer I always add into the… Read more »

Simple Fall Porch Decor

Trendy Tuesday- Simple Fall Porch Decor Friends, I have been feeling a bit cooped up lately. I’m like a racehorse at the starting gate, chomping at the bit and ready to run!  What’s got me so eager? It’s a Fall Frenzy! Wednesday is the last day of summer, and it can’t end soon enough! I… Read more »


Make Over Monday- Antlers One of the reasons I find garage sales so fun, is because you truly never know what little gem you’re going to come home with. I went to a garage sale late in the morning, expecting to find that all the good stuff had sold. I was right. All that was… Read more »

Perfectly Broken Armoire

Make Over Monday- Perfectly Broken Armoire I stumbled upon this sad little armoire while doing my nightly search on Craigslist. Since the mirror was broken, the asking price was a mere $75. When I went to pick it up the next morning, the owner said she had purchased it years ago because she liked its… Read more »

That Hideous Chair

That Hideous Chair When I saw this chair at a local estate sale a couple of weeks ago, I knew somehow, someway, it was coming home with me. If we couldn’t fit it in our small car with all of us… looks like three kids would be walking thirty miles home! This chair had to… Read more »