Make Over Monday – Little Blue Stool





Sometimes a little bit of paint can take an item from “so-so” to “ooh-la-la”. Take this little stool for example. I see these little guys quite often at flea markets. The natural wood stools don’t seem to be going home with very many shoppers. However, the old stools with paint seem to be sought after. This is leaving many stools around the nation with self esteem issues.

This sad little stool had charm and age, but needed a little lift. Just a little nip and tuck here and there, nothing drastic. I want it to look natural, like itself, only better. Like botox, minus the lip injections.

I decided on navy blue because I knew his stool would end up outside by my front door, which is navy as well. Also because navy is a classic color that could have been seen on furniture 100 years ago.

There you have it! A stool with a fresh face to greet my visitors.


If you have been looking for a painted stool, passing up all the naked ones, consider this. After a little plastic surgery, it can be transformed into the stool of your dreams!