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That Hideous Chair

When I saw this chair at a local estate sale a couple of weeks ago, I knew somehow, someway, it was coming home with me. If we couldn’t fit it in our small car with all of us… looks like three kids would be walking thirty miles home!

This chair had to be mine!

It was late afternoon, so the contents of the house were pretty picked over. We peeked in the garage at the items that were deemed not nice enough to stay in the house when I spotted it – lurking in the back of the garage was a masterpiece in a lime-green velvet disguise. I couldn’t believe no one had snatched it up, especially for the $20 asking price.

When Chris went to pay for it, the owner couldn’t believe we actually wanted to pay good money for such an ugly chair.

“Pam, can you believe it? They want to buy dad’s old chair!”

“What? That hideous chair? Why?”

“I don’t know! The guy said his wife is going to reupholster it!”

Oh Pam, sweet, ignorant Pam. You and your people make my life so much more enjoyable.

Having to curl-up on the car floor for the long ride home was worth every minute. So I might not be able to stand upright for a few days. So what? This chair was my destiny.

After taking all the fabric off, we got to painting. Now that chalk paint comes in a nifty little spray can, what used to take hours now takes mere minutes!

After doing a bit of research, I discovered this chair is worth between $1,800- $2,900. I figured I should probably have a professional upholster this one.

He charged me $300 and had it done in one week!

When I die, sit me in this chair, put plastic wrap over the front and bury us together. I love it that much.

How do you like me now, PAM!